Welcome to Ziyyara, your one stop online tuition system which offers pay as you go, prepaid tuition options. We are global and offer a variety of tutors from around the world. With flexible hours, lesson durations and learning methods, you can personalize your learning experience according to your individual requirements. These tutors are handpicked and meet our highest standards of excellence. Certified and personally interviewed, we are confident our tutors are well equipped to teach you in a professional and efficient manner.

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Why Ziyyara?

Currently, there are at least 35000 students in higher education in the Sultanate of Oman, and more than 700,000 students across 1,125 public schools, 636 private schools, and 44 international schools. Private schools have a ratio of 1 teacher for every 11 students, while public schools have 1 teacher for every 10 students. Oman will be our launch, given its small size and proximity to India and the availability of various national and international schools. Oman will be our learning pad, what we learn here will be applicable and copied to other countries in the near future. Ziyyara will learn fast, learn from failure and scale even faster. Busy classrooms are like busy highways, accelerating through topics according to a set timeline with everything on schedule and no time to slow down. We can see how it is easy to get left behind; one missed step and the next thing you know you are miles away! This is where private tutoring can help. Offering one on one attention that will tackle the individual needs of a student head on, increasing their comprehension, confidence and self-esteem alongside improving their academic performance. They will be guided through the tough bits, provided with the resources necessary to excel, and taught, ultimately, how to learn; encouraging higher levels of thinking, aquiring positive habits, and becoming independent learners and high achievers in the process. With our educations systems growing and the increasing acknowledgement of its importance in our lives, alongside our increasingly busy lives. We offer you a flexible alternative tuition, a solution in-line with our needs in this current environment, a unique learning experience accessible within the comfort of your own home and schedule that is global and progressive in its possibilities; collaborating across continents towards your improvement. We offer you this opportunity to not only excel within a subject but also to evolve as a person, building good study habits and learning how to learn, from the very best.

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